Virtual Private Networks Server

Our solutions are implemented on Mikrotik routers

Sentinel Designed & implemented VPN server has superior authentication & fire-walling algorithms.

Corporate of today has a work force that is mobile, agile & on the move. On trains planes cars buss (almost all modes of transport) in cafes restaurants hotels street corners. A road warrior armed with Internet connectivity & a spectrum of devices such as laptops notebooks tablets smart phones is potent productivity capable team member which can tap in to company resources from anywhere & at anytime. The mobile worker is mostly connected to public shared WIFI networks which allow easy access to hackers to allow them to be compromised.

The road warrior’s secure tap in to company network & how fluently & securely they are authenticated are critical factors in successful ability of corporate to harness the mobile worker competitive advantage.

Sentinel VPN solutions can be designed for authentication with AAA radius servers or Windows Active Directory. In fact for superior security, traffic management & assessment of VPN user assessment we recommend using radius authentication.

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